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The Easiest Tempe Real Estate Experience You’ll Ever Have

Selling a home can be downright frustrating, especially when your real estate agency has a serious lack of communication, a poor understanding of your wants and needs as a seller, and charges expensive commission fees to do it. It’s no wonder that many people are afraid to use a professional agency to sell their home anymore.

At Housso, we recognized this problem, and created a solution for sellers who are looking for a hassle-free experience. We took common complaints our clients had when using real estate agencies in the past, and have worked hard to address the elephant in the room. We have a very simple process we use to provide excellent full services for real estate in Tempe, and all for a flat rate fee of only $2995.

How do we do it? It’s simple. We provide you the resources you deserve as the seller.

• There are no fees upfront to get started with us.
• We will come to your home and go over any issues we see that might affect your ability to get your home sold quickly. We can help you prioritize which problems you should tackle first before putting your house on the market.
• It’s incredibly important to showcase your home the best way possible. That’s why we will hire a professional photographer to come and take pictures for your listing that will look attractive to potential buyers. Dark, out-of-focus pictures taken on someone’s iPhone just won’t do your home any justice.
• We will facilitate scheduling showings, and will let you know if we hear feedback from prospective buyers or other Tempe real estate agents.
• Once the offers starting coming in, we will work to negotiate on your behalf. We have your best interest in mind at all times, and will let you know if an offer isn’t acceptable.
• We will help you from beginning to end, including closing time. Closing on a house can be confusing for sellers, and we’ll be by your side to walk you through it.
• You are never obligated to keep your listing with us.

This year, the average sale price for homes in Arizona is roughly $219,000, and most direct buyers will charge the seller somewhere between 10-12% of the home value. With our flat fee of $2995, just think of how many thousands of dollars Housso can save you! Real estate in Tempe has never been so easy for you as the seller. The real estate industry is changing, and we’ve made it our goal to change the way our relationship with our clients worked as well.

Got questions? We have answers. Give us a call!

Reach out to us today to schedule your consultation with one of our experienced and knowledgeable agents. We will go over your goals for the sale of your home, any concerns or questions you might have about our process, and show you how hassle-free it can be to sell your home in the Tempe real estate market.