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Sun City Real Estate Saves You Money!

There is a lot of factors to consider when looking for the right company for real estate in Sun City, cost and service being the two most important to Arizona sellers. Commissions can get expensive, and deter many people from using a professional company to help them get their house sold. Housso is a full service real estate company that works on a flat fee system. Our main goal is to provide the best service and advice to clients while saving them lots of money in the meantime.

On average, direct buyers typically charge between 10-12% of the home value. As of 2018, the average cost of a home in Arizona is roughly $219,000. That is potentially thousands of dollars that you could be saving with us versus your traditional Sun City real estate agency.

Our process is simple. The steps it takes to sell your house stays the same, you just pay less to do it.

• We help you prepare your home by advising you on the things you should do before you sell. We will come on site and create a list of the things experience tells us will bring you the most return for your time and effort spent.
• We use a professional photographer to take pictures of your home that will be appealing to potential buyers. We want to attract the best kind of attention to your property.
• We help to manage the showings and provide feedback from prospective buyers and other Sun City real estate agents. We will help you address recurring comments and issues.
• Our skilled team helps you negotiate offers to make sure you can get top dollar for your home, and help you accept an offer that is in your best interest.
• The closing process can be confusing for sellers, which is why we will help you through the escrow process.
• Your closing costs through us are a flat $2995, even if we find the buyer for you. If another agency finds the buyer, you’ll pay them up to 2.5%.
• With Housso there is no upfront fees, and no obligation to keep your listing with us.

Contact us today – there is nothing to lose, only what you stand to gain!

By scheduling a hassle-free consultation with us, we can go over your goals and expectations when it comes to selling your home. Our years of experience in real estate in Sun City, and much of Arizona, gives us the knowledge of what it takes to sell a home quickly, efficiently, and with the best interest of the you – the seller. We understand that one of the greatest values we can give you is effective communication with homeowners, prospective buyers, and other real estate agencies. There is no obligation to use us and no upfront fees to get the process started, and always one flat fee to sell your home.

Contact us today to see how we can help you have the easiest home selling experience you’ll ever have!