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Your Choice For Flat Rate Carefree Real Estate

Traditional real estate companies can be difficult to work with and they typically charge you an exorbitant 10-12% of a home’s selling price for their services. At those rates, even a modest home’s selling price can result in tens of thousands of dollars paid to the listing agent. This cost and the hassle of working with these companies are enough to make anyone want to find a better way.

A Better Way to Buy and Sell Carefree Real Estate

The minds behind Housso Realty wanted to find a better way, too. We’ve spent the last several years striving to change the industry and providing our friends in the Carefree Real Estate market with the fruits of our modifications. Let’s take a look at some of the ways our team can help you if you’re buying or selling a home in Carefree, AZ.

• Hassle-Free Consultations – We have a team of experts who are ready to show you exactly how our simple process can help you save both time and money. After all, in the Carefree Real Estate game, time is money, right? Our team of experts can help you buy or sell a home for a mere fraction of what a traditional listing agent costs, and we’d love to discuss it with you.

• Flat Rates – At the heart of our company is a simple, flat rate price model that helps you save thousands of dollars over traditional real estate commissions. As a matter of fact, many Carefree homes qualify for our $2,995 flat rate, which means you get our excellent service at a price you definitely can afford.

• Simple Transactions – Simple transactions go hand in hand with our flat rate price model. You know up front how much our service will cost, which allows you to plan out your expenses in detail from the beginning. There are no surprises costs, and our team will help you work through any problems that come up.

• Fast Turnarounds – The modern real estate sales processes we have put in to practice allow us to provide immediate and effective communication with other real estate agents and you (our client). This emphasis on effective communication means we can provide you with faster turnaround on your real estate purchase or sale.

Buying and selling homes is a far simpler process than it was in the past because modern tools and technologies have been developed for that very purpose. That means that traditional real estate companies are providing you with significantly diminished value for the same hight cost. Our flat rate pricing model means you’ll never have to worry about that.

Get Your Hassle-Free Consultation Today

Don’t worry, we know this type of pricing model isn’t commonly used and you probably have questions. That’ why our team of professionals are ready and able to help you understand exactly what we can do for you in a hassle-free, no obligation consultation. It doesn’t’ matter if your buying or selling a home in the Carefree Real Estate market, you should contact us to find out how we can help you.