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If You Have Real Estate In Avondale To Sell, Let Us Simplify Your Experience And Save You Money On Commissions!

Housso Realty has a simple and effective flat rate real estate service that will dramatically uncomplicated the process of selling your home in the Avondale real estate market, and can save you up to thousands of dollars in commission fees.

How We Simplify Your Real Estate Selling Process In Avondale

We offer a flat rate fee to help sell your real estate. Our flat fee is $2995. No matter how much your home is worth, or how much it sells for, the fee will be $2995. By selling homes with the flat rate fee we make a traditionally complicated transaction suddenly very uncomplicated. Here is why you should call us to help sell your home:

• Straight Up Flat Fee – no hidden costs or fees. Our flat fee is paid when your home sells, there is no upfront cost or fee. Our fee is the same flat rate regardless of the price of your home.

• Professional Help – our flat fee includes help prepping your home, taking professional photos, help with managing showings and more! No extra fees for these services..it’s all included!

• Peace Of Mind – we help with contract negotiations and then through closing, so you aren’t left on your own at any point. Our flat fee service is from the beginning to the end for one flat rate…even if we find your buyer!

Many people who are wanting to sell their home or real estate in Avondale can be quickly overwhelmed by the whole process. There is an incredible amount of information to pay attention to. How much your home is worth, how much it could be worth with some changes, what changes are worth the time, how much to pay the selling agent commission (sometimes up to 10-12% of the cost of the home!), charges and fees if your agent finds a buyer (another 2-2.5% of the selling cost) plus a lot of paperwork, back and forth fee negotiations, and more.

At Housso Realty, we know our flat fee process is more straightforward and manageable because we have streamlined it with the flat fee rate and our efficient and professional services. We eliminate haggling over fees, we eliminate hidden costs and the process is no risk for the seller. You pay no money up front, the $2995 fee is paid when your property is sold. You can cancel the listing agreement at any time if you feel it is not working for you. Call us now at Housso Realty for a consultation right now so we can get to work on getting your home or real estate property in Avondale SOLD as soon as possible! We can also help you if you are just looking to BUY a home or real estate in Avondale. If one of our agents represents you when you purchase a home, we will donate up to $5000 of our commission back to you at the close of escrow. This can be used for closing costs if you wish. This process is also really easy and professional, we want you in the home of your dreams! Give us a call us right away to find out exactly how we can help you in our hassle free way!